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Fedor Asks Governor to Send National Guard to Toledo

TOLEDO -- There's been a major new development Thursday in Toledo's ongoing flooding woes. State Senator Teresa Fedor is calling for the National Guard to be brought in to assist with the problems in our neighborhoods.

Fedor put her request in a letter she sent to Governor Bob Taft, asking that National Guard troops sent to Toledo to help with a variety of flood prevention measures. We should know soon if her request will be granted.

To help prevent future spillovers from Shantee Creek into the homes on hard-hit Crawford Street, the city built a temporary wall Thursday between the creek and nearby houses. City crews dropped off crates loaded with sandbags, then stacked up the bags in the backyards next to Shantee creek.

It's not a permanent solution, but may help prevent flooding incidents this year while long-term improvement plans move forward.

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