Mosquitos Swarm Into Area

TOLEDO -- There's a chance you feel you're under attack -- and it's for good reason. Mosquitos have swarmed into our area, which is bad enough, but the situation is expected to get even worse.

The Toledo area sanitary district reports this is the worst mosquito problem we've faced in six years. You can blame the nasty storm on June 21st that dumped seven inches of rain in some areas.

Taking a bite out of the problem is job one for the fog trucks cruising our roads. It's a task they were prepared to take on, just as they're gearing up for round two of the mosquito invasion.

The mosquitos that are nipping at you now are just the first batch from the first storm. The second big storm will give birth to a whole new generation of the pests soon. The problem? All the standing water that provides perfect breeding conditions for mosquitos.

To combat the invasion, fog crews are moving from west to east across Lucas County. Friday they'll finish their second pass, then head back west to start the whole process again.

Individual backyard complaints are being handled by the district. On Wednesday, they logged 300 calls --a record number. Every part of the county is affected by the invasion.

Lee Mitchell, with the Toledo area sanitary district, said, "This is the worst year we've had in the last six years. Been spoiled during five of last six years. This is a wet year. Above average rainfall in May and June. When you have a wet year, that means lots of standing water."

Get ready for the second wave of mosquitos -- the result of Monday night's downpour. They're breeding now, and will start feasting on you soon.

Posted by PJS