Mayor Finkbeiner Tours Flooded Areas

TOLEDO -- It has been a frustrating two weeks for flood victims.  Two weeks ago, heavy rains flooded roads, cars, and basements around the Toledo area.  Then earlier this week, heavy rain pushed the water back into those flooded basements.  People are fed up, and Wednesday, Toledo Mayor Carty Finkbeiner and other city officials toured the areas that seem to keep flooding over and over.

"Why is the system so burdened?" Finkbeiner asked while on the bus trip.  Everyone including the mayor are looking for answers.  "For us not to have a performing system is unacceptable to all of us," said Finkbeiner.

The tour went past those hit hardest by the failing sewer system, like John Kunzler, who has spent more than $3,000 and countless hours cleaning up -- twice. Now he wants something done, before the water floods his basement again.  "Why it backed up again with just a couple inches of rain?  I don't know.  It never did that before... never," said Kunzler.

People who live along Crawford are frustrated that every time it rains, water seems to pool in the street.   Now they hope with the mayor's visit something will change.  "I gotta hope he's gonna do the right thing," said one neighbor.  "He's out here with everybody out here right now and I'm sure he intends to do well.  I hope he does."

Finkbeiner hopes to have something done about the problem by Friday.  Count on News 11 to follow this story as it develops.

Posted by AEB