Raw Sewage Spews From Basement Drain

TOLEDO -- Parkview Avenue, in the Monroe/Auburn area of west Toledo, isn't a neighborhood prone to flooding or sewer backups into basements. But the ferocity of Wednesday night's storms changed all that.

Jan Darrington lives on Parkview with her three children. Her house is minimally furnished, except for the basement. "We did everything. We had graduation parties, birthday parties everything out of our basement. All the furniture we have is in the basement because we live mostly in the basement," said Jan.

Wednesday night raw sewage began spewing out of the floor drain in the basement. When it was over, one foot of sewage had soaked into sofas, mattresses, a television, clothes, and other possessions stored in the basement.

"Who wants to wear sewer clothes?" asked Jan's son, John Darrington.

The family doesn't know where to begin with cleaning up and sanitizing the basement. "I've been reluctant to come down here because I have a lung disease," said Jan.

It's a lung disease Jan says will be aggravated by moving tainted furniture and cleaning in a damp, moldy environment. Jan's children offered to help in any way they can, but the task is overwhelming.

"Just standing down here makes you puky and sick, just knowing all this came out of the sewer," said John.

Jan has rented the home from her mother for 14 years. The family will look over the insurance policies on the home to see what, if anything, is covered under any sewer backup provisions. Jan says she does not carry renter insurance.

Posted by PJS