Family Poisoned by Carbon Monoxide in Flood-Related Incident

ROSSFORD -- A Rossford family is being treated in The Toledo Hospital's hyperbaric chamber after they were poisoned by carbon monoxide on Thursday morning.  Crews were called to the 500th block of Woodland Drive in Rossford around 10:00am.

The fire department says two adults and two children were sickened by the fumes.  They were found in the front yard of the house, suffering from nausea and vomiting.  The department says it appears to be a case of CO poisoning, and it appears to be weather-related.

The fire department says any time there's a blockage, including flood water, there could be a buildup of CO.  Investigators aren't sure if water, or the family's efforts to clean up the flooding contributed to the buildup.  There was flooding in the basement.

Police say the adult male was in the worst shape, but at least he was conscious. Regardless, it was a scary scene for neighbors.  "Eveyone panics for the family, you know," said Carol Caldwell, a neighbor.  "You always wonder what happened and how bad when you see the family taken away in a rescue squad."

"Very scary," said Richard Nawrocki, a neighbor.  "You can't tell until it's too late unless you have the monitors in your house to go off.  I don't know if they were even inside the house, because they were alongside the house."

The family was taken to The Toledo Hospital, where they were to be treated in the hyperbaric chamber to expell the CO from their bodies.  The chamber works by pumping pure oxygen under pressure into the chamber.  That forces the CO out of the bloodstream, and replaces it with oxygen.

Count on News 11 to follow this case as it develops.

Posted by AEB