Pasta Pomodoro

Bravo! Cucina Italiana


1/2 oz. olive oil
3 oz. Wood grilled chicken
1/2 tsp. Fresh garlic
1 oz. Carmelized onions
2 oz. Diced roma tomatoes
1 TBS Fresh basil leaves
6 oz. Housemade/or Store bought tomato sauce (tomato-basil)
2 TBS Herb compound Butter
1 pinch Salt & Pepper
7 oz. Fresh Angel hair pasta cooked (al dente) Garnished with fresh basil & shaved cheese

Build Technique:

1. Start with a hot saute pan, add olive oil.
2. Add chicken & saute for 30 seconds to warm.
3. Add garlic, onions & tomatoes, saute for 30 seconds to toasted the garlic
4. Add fresh basil, tomatoes sauce, butter & season with salt & pepper.
Heat the sauce until all ingredients are blended together, the butter is melted and to your correct consistency. We like it thicker.
5. While sauce is reducing, cook the Angel hair pasta to your perfection! Al Dente!
6. Add pasta to the sauce & serve to your guests!
7. Garnish with fresh basil & shaved cheese!