Katie and Suri Are Giving Tom Cruise an Education

NEW YORK (AP) -- Tom Cruise being engaged to Toledoan Katie Holmes and becoming the proud papa of a brand new baby girl is an educational process for actor Tom Cruise. In an appearance on "Live With Regis and Kelly" he revealed the extent of what he's learning.

He admired Ripa's high-heel shoes while on the show, and admitted that until he hooked up with Katie, he "didn't realize the whole thing about women and shoes." Apparently he wasn't a fan of HBO's "Sex and the City," which featured a character who was so obsessed with shoes, she spent thousands of dollars on designer shoes despite having limited funds.

Cruise added that Katie has taught him that "shoes are an important thing in a woman's life."

Cruise also revealed on the show that he and Katie are mesmerized by their newborn daughter Suri. He said they watch her for hours on end and are even impressed when she has gas.

Posted by PJS