Sister Margaret Ann's Niece Was Shocked By Priest's Arrest

TOLEDO -- Sister Margaret Ann Pahl still has family living in this area. After 26 years, they're hoping this case can help give them some kind of closure.

Monday, News 11 spoke with Sister Margaret Ann's niece, Marilyn Duvall. She says she was shocked after learning about Father Robinson's arrest. "I never even knew Father Robinson was a suspect back in 1980," she said. "I didn't know any of that until 2003 when the case was reopened again -- and was absolutely shocked when I found out about it."

Marilyn Duvall has been watching the case from home. She described what was going through her mind during last week's testimony. "The first day, I'm watching it on Court TV and having the mannequin on the floor. I sat there and was going 'oh my God, this is my aunt they're talking about.'"

We asked Marilyn to talk about Sister Margaret Ann's funeral. Her other family members had told us about something they considered eerie that day: a huge storm came through the area while they were inside the church for the funeral service. Marilyn said, "That is the most incredible experience that I think I've ever had in my life, and the one thing I will never, ever forget is that funeral service."

We asked if the wind was whipping. She responded, "Yeah. It was just 'what is going on? God is not happy here.'" And then she added, "...when we walked out, it was absolutely beautiful. Sunny day. Calm. It was just gorgeous."

News 11 asked Marilyn if she thinks Father Robinson is guilty. "I certainly can't say if he is or isn't guilty," she said. "That's just my gut feeling. Sometimes gut feelings are right and sometimes they're not."

Regardless of the trial's outcome, Marilyn says her family will rely on their faith. "You have to get to the point that you just have to say God's will be done, and whatever happens, happens," she said. "And we have to accept whatever it is."

Marilyn Duvall is one of three family members who have been in the courtroom over the past two weeks.

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