Your Breast Prosthetics Questions Answered Here

Are the new breast prosthetics as heavy as the old ones?
No, the new prosthetics, particularly the harmony silk from Camp Healthcare, are 30 - 40 % lighter than they were five years ago. They are also much softer and more comfortable to wear.

When you have had a mastectomy can you get fashion bras in various colors?
Yes, the new bras are fashion forward , comfortable and easy to wear with many styles of clothing.

When you have had a mastectomy, does insurance and Medicare cover breast prosthetics and bras?
The answer is yes , with a diagnosis of cancer for most insurance providers. Medicare, and Medicaid will provide mastectomy bras and a new prosthesis periodically. Come in and see us and we will tell you what your particular policy or policies will cover. No one is ever turned away at That Special Woman for lack of funds.

Why do I have to wear a prosthesis?
Whether you have lost one or both breasts you need to replace what you have lost. Not wearing a prosthesis may cause poor posture, a lack of balance, and a drooping of one or both shoulders. There really is a chiropractic reason for wearing a prosthesis.

Can I be fit for a prosthesis and take it home the same day?
Yes, here at That Special Woman, we can fit you in a pros t hesis and at least one of your chosen bra styles and send them with you the same day. Camp is our main supplier and we carry several styles in all sizes. We can get anything else you would like in a two or three days.

Are custom prosthetics available at That Special Woman?
Yes, we cast and fit the Radiant Impressions Custom form. We take assignment from those companies providing for them. We can show you samples and check to see if your insurance will cover the Radiant impressions.

What makes That Special Woman different than all other companies that fit prosthetics?
The company is owned and operated by Kris Beard who has survived a mastectomy, breast cancer, and chemotherapy. On staff are others who have al so had a mastectomy, an oncology nurse, and two others who have recently lost loved ones to cancer. We have walked in your shoes and truly understand your needs. We are very serious when we say "We wear what we sell."