Why Fresh Water Tank Sanitizer is Needed

Having sanitized, bacteria-free water tank surfaces and systems is vital!

Bacteria grows and multiplies wherever water sites, including the inside surfaces of water storage tanks and hoses.  Often impure water put into the tank is a cause, but bacteria can grow even in chlorinated water over time.

As the water sites, the chlorine levels can drop, reducing the ability to prevent bacterial growth.  Filters can also filter out chlorine, making the water more susceptible to bacterial growth.  Hoses can harbor bacteria, while filters and canisters can also support bacterial growth.

What Fresh Water Tank Sanitizer Kills

When used as directed, this products kills bacteria - Staph, E-coli, Listeria and other microorganisms - on surfaces to eliminate odors and sanitize tanks, lines and hoses.  Similar chemistry is commonly used in restaurants, food processing plants and medical facilities to sanitize drinking glasses, food preparation equipment and other hard surfaces.