How Would You Answer the Questions They're Asking the Robinson Jurors?

TOLEDO -- After two days of jury selection in The State vs. Father Robinson, lawyers have interviewed 67 potential jurors, and dismissed 20 of them.  Each have had to answer questions from the prosecutors and defense attorneys.  So how would you answer if you were in the jury box?  Put yourself in the hot seat.

Here's a sampling of what the lawyers have said in the past week.

  • Is there any personal business, medical reason that you could not be a juror during this time?
  • When you see a priest, you automatically think that person is more moral?
  • As you are brought up in the catholic religion, you are told are you not that priests have a very special status are you not?
  • Have you come to the court today or prior to this day with any preconcieved notions about the innocence or guilt of the defendent?
  • Do you feel pressured in any way by friends or family members or church members about convicting a Catholic priest?
  • Could you be totally fair and impartial, follow the law as the judge gives it to you and evaluate the evidence in a rational reasonable fashion?

Some people's answers lead to them being kicked out of the jury pool because of their percieved bias or beliefs. News 11 legal analyst and UT law professor David Harris says lots of questions have to be asked.  "They are going slowly and deliberately because the questions and the information they have to get out of people are very important to both sides," said Harris.

And both sides want one thing from these interviews of potential jurors.  "You hope people are honest with you and that they tell you if that's really their beliefs, and they can be elminated and get some people who are a little more open-minded," said Harris.

The next step is for 20 more people to answer these kinds of questions, then the prosecution and defense will start choosing the final 12 and four alternates. During that process, each side can eliminate four people without giving any reason as to why.

Posted by AEB