What's Hot in Paint Color Trends For 2006?

Bright, Warm Hues Reflect 'Air of Optimism'

2006 brings the prospect of "brighter days ahead," with a selection of cleaner and more brilliant paint colors on the palette for the home in 2006. Whether the room is decorated to provide a warm welcome or a calm serenity, the color used is likely to be warmer, brighter and more inviting than in years past. For 2006, Ace has taken inspiration for its color palette from four distinct influences or feelings: serenity, luxury, history and complexity.

In these hurried times, the desire for serenity has a strong influence on decorating trends. What could be more calming than the colors of water, sea and sky, the soft greens of a sleepy meadow, or warm whites and neutrals? Ace Paint colors like Peace River, Teal Blue, Turquoise Bay, and Brighton Beach are perfect shades for creating a soothing atmosphere. Other tranquil shades include others from the green family, such as Napa Valley, a clean, colorful mid-tone green with the slightest blue influence; the slightly darker Moorgrass; and the yellow-influenced green Hint of Olive.

Pink hues will give way to soft purple shades like Violet Eyes and Legend. Heavy Cream and New Canvas are whites that add warmth like sunlight diffused through billowing window curtains, while neutrals like Mountain Getaway, Linen and Ashley are easy-to-use favorites for those who crave just a hint of color.

Regardless of your budget, everyone deserves a little pampering. For the past few seasons, fashion has followed this school of thought, with clothing, purses and shoes heavily decorated with luxurious sequins and embroidery. Now, worldly jewel tones are entering the home, bringing a richness and sense of sophistication into our lives. Favor the rich purple colors found with Purple Grandeur and Her Majesty and red-influenced oranges like Flower Pot, Copper Penny and Orange Taffy.

Red remains an important decorating color, with such vivid shades as Cupid, Dazzling Red and the brown-influenced Cherry Chocolate. Browns like Rich Caramel, Moroccan Spice and Coffee Bean will coat walls with robust color, while bright shades of yellow will have a strong revival.

On the flipside, there also is a trend toward grounded, earthy colors. All of our roots are in history, which provides a sense of where we come from and who we are. Popular shades will include easy-to-use purples and rich plums, including Ace Paint colors Hampshire Gardens and Magic Spell. And what could be more grounding than gold-influenced Earth Tone and Dark Earth? Wicker, Frontier Tan and Outpost are variations of beige that spark interest. Complexity: We continue to be influenced by the ever-growing world of technology in 2006, and it will be reflected in the home. But paint colors in 2006 will be anything but cold. Though we've embraced technology and it continues to grow, it's balanced with the need for a personal touch. Be on the lookout for cool yet softened metallics, like Silver Dollar and Cityscape, and even blacks like Besalt and India Ink. Balance these with Cranberry Portage and Blue Waltz or Tulip Time and White Mosaic to warm them and make them your own.

If you read through this and decide you still need some help, don't despair - ask the helpful folks at your neighborhood Ace store! And remember, if you have home improvement questions and need a little advice, send me an email at asklou@acehardware.com - I'd be glad to help! These are the colors for your life in 2006...embrace them!

-Lou's Tool Box