Religious Leaders Talk About Terror Arrests

SOUTH TOLEDO -- The arrest of three Toledo-area men on federal terror charges has local religious leaders talking.  At a multifaith dinner at the Genesis Dreamplex on Reynolds Road Thursday night, religious leaders called on the faithful to remember what their faiths teach about judging others.

"These indictments don't indict and entire community. They indict certain individuals. This should not be an occasion to be prejudice against or cause bias or cause against Muslims or people of Arab descent," said Rabbi Barry Leff of Toledo's Congregation B'nai Israel. Pastor Robert Culp of Toledo's First Church of God said the indictments should alert but not alarm and make people careful, yet prayerful. "We are not merely peace keepers, we are peacemakers. We should seek to alleviate the fears and suspicions of others," said Culp.

Local Muslim Salim Rhamaan added that "when situations like this come, we should keep calm and look at it with rational thinking and rational calm." Jihad Shaheen of the Islamic Center of Greater Toledo said "don't be to quick to judge. Everyone's innocent until proven guilty." Kuldeep Singh is a leader in the local Sikh community. Kuldeep says his religion teaches that "one should not be judging on the basis of religion or affiliation. Judge a person individually on the basis of their deeds."

All religious leaders on hand reminded their flocks that everyone is ultimately held accountable for their actions against others. Either now, in courts of law, or later, by a higher authority.

Posted by AEB