Therapy -- What We Do

Therapy at Darlington takes great pride in the Golden Rule: Treat others as you would want to be treated.  Our gym is decorated to reflect positive thoughts on what may be a difficult time.  We are here to provide the coaching, instruction and education needed to make recovery easier.  Whether your loved one is to return hom or stay with us makes no difference in the treatment we are going to provide.

We develop daily routines that help us to notice things that are unusual for the resident.  This allows us to address issues more quickly and get back to the therapy at hand.  If the resident as a doctor's appointment or dialysis, we will provide therapy at a different time of day.  We treat residents according to when they perform the best.

Family is very important in the treatment and education process.  We encourage family to attend therapy sessions to observe resident's skills and provide encouragement like nobody can do but family.

We will provide all equipment needed to enhance recovery.  All equipment is adjusted to fit the resident specifically.

Our therapy department consists of Speech, Occupational, and Physical therapy.  Each therapy session and plan of care is individualized to reflect goals that are most likely attainable.  We strive to get the resident to their highest potential.