What is Personal Forecast?

Robert Shiels, Chris Vickers, Ryan Wichman and Kimberly Newman provide you with the most accurate and dependable forecast in northwest Ohio, using the most advanced weather technology. Now, we are proud to offer you our Personal Forecast.

Your Personal Forecast is your very own personalized web page that is powerful enough to generate an hour-by-hour forecast for a specific location. You can use this web page at any time. Bookmark it or place it in your Favorites list for easy access.

Most other services only provide weather forecasts for a multi-county region, even when they claim to personalize them to your location. We actually use your address to design a specific forecast for exactly when and where you need it.

  • Hour by Hour Forecast Updated 4 Times Daily
  • Up to 4 Different Locations in the U.S.
  • Choice of 2 Daily General Forecast Emails
  • Instant Severe Weather Email Alerts
  • Severe Weather Alert Map on Your Personal Forecast Page

Best of all, it's FREE! Now you will have access to data from our own advanced computer model that we use to prepare our on-air forecasts.