Lawyers For Fr. Robinson File Motions

TOLEDO -- There is new information surfacing in the case against Father Gerald Robinson. Tuesday, defense attorneys asked for a hearing to determine if the murder charge should be dismissed against the Catholic priest.

The Robinson defense team filed three motions. They have questions about what happened to possible evidence that dates back two decades. They're also claiming that Robinson's rights were violated and that certain witnesses should not be allowed to testify at his murder trial.

Father Gerald Robinson is scheduled to go on trial this April for the 1980 murder of Sister Margaret Ann Pahl, who was strangled and stabbed inside a Mercy Hospital chapel on Holy Saturday.

In a motion filed in Common Pleas Court, Robinson's attorneys said police videotaped the priest in 1980 and they want prosecutors to provide information "...on eight hours of tape recorded interviews, as well as any supplemental notes, police reports, or summaries..." However, prosecutors have said a tape-recorded interview from 1980 was never done. The defense says that charges against Robionson should be dismissed if they can prove evidence is missing or was destroyed.

Robinson's lawyers also argue that Robinson was never read his Miranda rights when police questioned him at his home. Therefore, they claim any statements he made and evidence "taken as a result", should not be allowed in the courtroom.

Finally, in a third motion, the defense says three prosecution witnesses should not be allowed to testify, including a criminalist who specializes in blood transference, a priest from the Chicago Archdiocese, and a possible bone trauma analysis expert. However, the defense questions whether they're actually experts and wants a judge to make that decision at a hearing.

Prosecutors and defense attorneys will be in court on the Father Robinson case Friday. At that time, the judge will schedule a hearing date on these motions. The lawyers, involved in this high-profile case, would not comment to News 11 because there is a gag order.

In December, prosecutors amended the charge against Father Robinson from aggravated murder to murder. If convicted, Robinson could still get life in prison.

Posted by KBihn