Dietary Care

Many who are entering a nursing facility find themselves on specialized diets, often for the first time. Our highly qualified Dietary department, led by Matt Goller, Executive Chef, and Terri Booth, Certified Dietary Technician, can address and simplify specific dietary concerns.

America has the dubious honor of having the highest number of cardiac patients in the world. Patients concerned about their "heart health" may be restricted in sodium intake or overall cholesterol. We can meet these needs deliciously! Similarly, diabetics are encouraged to follow diets with limited concentrated sweets.

Other diets prescribed by physicians may require altered food consistency, or increased protein to facilitate healing and progress in therapy. One of our dietary staff meets with each resident shortly after admission to ensure we meet their dietary needs and also to discuss food preference.

We understand that commercial food prep will never be the same as your own "tried and true" recipes, but DNRC dietary staff truly exceeds expectations. Whether you or your loved one will be visiting us short-term of for extended stay, the residents of DNRC are encouraged to participate in meal service with the dinning committee and recipe recommendations. Our reputation for holiday meals has won us the recognition of all three news networks. Families are invited to join us for such special celebrations, at any time


Just a taste of the flavors that can be found on our menu here at Darlington Nursing and Rehab:

Beef tips with wild mushrooms over noodles
Salmon salad on Croissant
BBQ Short Ribs
Chicken fried steak
Roasted Chicken with mushrooms
Tuna Pita Sandwich
Stuffed Bell pepper with rice