Senior Citizens Forced to Move

TOLEDO -- More bad news for residents of a longtime local landmark. A deal to prevent folks at the Park Lane Apartments from having to move is apparently dead.

The building is located in the Old West End, not far from the Toledo Museum of Art. The senior citizens have just a few weeks left before they have to find a new place to live. The building is set to close at the end of the month. The owners say they are losing too much money on the place. A developer had stepped forward recently to try and save the complex, but News 11 has learned that deal has fallen through.

"Just a very pleasant place to be, with an informal family atmosphere," says Eve Hayes.

Hayes has been at the Park Lane for about three years. She was hoping the latest push to save the building would succeed, but then came the bad news there was not a deal.

"You get to know our residents. We have to make all new friends. You hate to leave people you've been living with for some time," says Hayes.

An Adrian, Michigan developer said recently he wanted to buy the place, which was built in 1926, but Monday, the current owner said he doesn't have the financing. That means the January 31st deadline stands for the doors to close.

As the residents plan to leave for good, they admit it will be hard to say good bye.

The company now trying to sell the building says there are still several interested parties looking at the property. However, the group made it very clear that a sale is not imminent and that the January 31st deadline is still in effect.

There is some good news. We're told all 27 seniors living there have found a new place to stay.

Posted by KBihn