Developer Unveils Plans for Marina District

Artist conception of the new Marina District.
Artist conception of the new Marina District.

EAST TOLEDO -- After years of talk and very little action, the city of Toledo and its developers have unveiled new plans for the marina district project.  In a news conference Tuesday morning, a spokesman for the Pizzuti Companies outlined a project that will cover 120 acres of land on the east side of the Maumee River, between King Bridge and the Craig Memorial Bridge.

The project is expected to cost about $160 million dollars, and take as long as 10 years to complete.  In Tuesday's news conference, developers outlined their plans for a 5,000 seat amphitheater, dock space for 180 boats, passenger terminals for bigger charter boats coming off the Great Lakes, a recreational ice rink and riverwalk with a bike path.

The project will also feature 216 units of market-rate housing, plus retail and entertainment.  One thing noticably missing?  A sports arena that had been a part of many Marina District plans in the past.

Developers say one thing that appealed to them is the east-side location.  "The feedback we've gotten from the people we've talked to is that the draw is the river.  We will create a water-front marina and in addition to that have a retail environment right on the river," said Jim Miller of the Pizzuti Companies, the developer for the project. "The river and the water.  People love it, and it creates a unique environment."

The marina should be completed by next summer.  After that, they'll start working on retail, with the hope that the residential spaces will go up after that.

The voters first approved money for cleanup of the old site and infrastructure for a Marina District in September 2001.  Since then, crews demolished part of the Acme generating plant, and cleaned up the area around the plant to accomodate the new Marina District.

Developers have come and gone, and plans have been floated out there, including putting a new sports arena on the site, or moving it through downtown.  Today's announcement was the first concrete plan to be put forward.

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