TomKat Expecting

TOLEDO-- Toledo's own Katie Holmes and her fiancé Tom Cruise are now expecting a baby. It will be Katie's first child while Tom adopted two children with his second wife Nicole Kidman.

Katie and Tom have been dating since April and got engaged in June. News 11 got reaction from young people about this story that's created quite a buzz. "I think it's awesome," said 19 year-old Shelby Martin. "I like Katie Holmes. Tom Cruise is hot," she added.

Shelby had plenty of opinions about Katie and Tom including whether the pregnancy out of wedlock is the best message to send to young people. "It's not really the right example, but at least they love each other unlike everybody else in Hollywood," she told News 11.

Others had their own views on the expected arrival. "If you watch MTV and music videos and stuff, that's a bad message," said 18 year-old Kristina Frech. "You can't really say anything about two people who actually care about each other," she commented. "I don't think it sends a negative message at all," said 21 year-old TJ Marcotte. "I mean obviously they are in love. I've seen her interviewed on TV. They're really in love with each other so why not."

The whirlwind Hollywood romance had some suspicious. "Yeah, I kind of thought something was up maybe that's why they were getting married," said 21 year-old Megan Gilson.

As far as Katie who was raised Catholic and Tom who's a Scientologist tying the knot? "People deal with it everyday," said 19 year-old Ashley Conard. "My brother is Catholic and his wife wasn't and they worked it out and everything. If you love each other you'll work it out, I guess," she told us.

One of her University of Toledo classmates doesn't think so. "They'll probably get divorced in a couple of years if they get married, I guess it doesn't really matter," said 19 year-old Tom Brice. "If they want to save on some paperwork and legal fees...they probably should just go ahead and not get married." Shelby, on the other hand, sees their future half-full. "I think they're going to last and have a nice pretty baby," she said with a smile.

So, how do Katie's parents feel about this? News 11 tried to contact them at home and no one has returned our calls yet. Tom's spokeswoman said Tom and Katie are very excited and the entire family is very excited.

People Magazine broke the news of Katie's pregnancy. Katie is 26 years-old and Tom is 43.

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