Call 11 for Action: North Toledo woman wants city to install streetlights

Call 11 for Action: North Toledo woman wants city to install streetlights

TOLEDO, OH (WTOL) - Lucretia Wainwright lives on Otto Street in north Toledo, where she says she's come home to see her house broken into four times in the decade-and-a-half she's lived there.

She attributes the break-ins to one thing: a lack of streetlights.

"There's no lights on this street," she told WTOL 11. "I mean none. So when I come home, I either have -- I had lights put on the porch and they're really bright, I mean it'll light up the whole sidewalk, but it didn't deter them at all."

The most recent of the break-ins came just a few weeks ago, Wainwright said. Otto Street becomes an easy target once the sun sets.

"It's just pitch-black dark," Wainwright said. "You don't know if someone's walking up on you or not and it's concerning for me. Even if I do move, I still have people that I've learned to care about and have relationships. I've been in my home for 14 years."

No person should feel unsafe in their own home. That's why Wainwright reached out to our Call 11 for Action team to help.

We met with her and brought her concerns to the City of Toledo.

"What we need is more than half of the owners on the street to say, 'yes this is what we want,'" City of Toledo spokesman Ignazio Messina said. "It actually equals out to be 60 percent of the front footage for that block."

The request needs to come in the form of a petition to the city's Engage Toledo program. At that point, it would go through the assessment process and a "small" tax would be added to the homeowners' property tax bills. Then it would be sent to city council for approval.

Politics aside, Wainwright said she's satisfied with the city's response and simply wants to return to a sense of normalcy and security.

"I guess the thing for me, I don't really get caught up in the material stuff," she said. "It's learning how to sleep in your home again knowing that someone that you don't know has been in your home. The peace of mind that you lose is the biggest issue for me."

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