The Red Cross looking for life-saving donations

The Red Cross looking for life-saving donations

Every two seconds, someone in the U.S. needs blood, and The Red Cross is looking for lifesaving donations.

Due to flooding, evacuations, and other factors, there was a shortage in blood donations in the Carolina's when Hurricane Florence hit.

With Hurricane Michael making landfall, there's a new need for blood donations.

"We want to make sure people who are able to donate now, to consider that just in case we do need to resupply those areas that are being affected," Rachel Hepner- Zawodny the Executive Director of Northwest Ohio Red Cross said.

Not only is there a need for blood donations because of the hurricane hitting the south, but The Red Cross is searching for "winter heroes" to help host a blood drive during the winter months.

"That's primarily because people are busy, people are traveling, kids are doing their Christmas thing, but we also see a little bit of a dip due to the cold and flu season. We would like to get 90 new blood drive hosts between December and February to help make up for that shortage that we typically see in the winter," said Hepner- Zawodny.

Around 80 percent of blood donations are made at blood drives hosted by volunteers, so the Red Cross says these drives are vital to ensure patients will receive the help they need.

When hosting a blood drive, the Red Cross has managers on hand to help set up and make sure everything runs smooth.

"We will assist with making sure all the boxes are checked, to make sure if you have a place in your building that you can host, that it is suitable that it can maximize the amount of blood we can collect that day," Hepner- Zawodny said.

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