TFD Deputy Chief John Kaminski deploys to help with Hurricane Michael

TFD Deputy Chief John Kaminski deploys to help with Hurricane Michael

TOLEDO, OH (WTOL) - Deputy Chief John Kaminski of the Toledo Fire and Rescue Department has deployed with one of Ohio's Incident Management Teams (IMT) to provide assistance to states expected to be impacted by Hurricane Michael.

The team deployed on Wednesday for a 14-day mission on behalf of Florida Emergency Management

Deputy Chief Kaminski is a key member of the State of Ohio/Butler County Incident Management Team, a highly-trained management team who can provide coordination, guidance and logistical support to areas in declared disaster.

The Emergency Management Team will focus on planning, logistics, communications, operations, safety and documentation in declared disasters.

The team is made up of emergency response departments from: Deerfield Twp. Fire, Fairfield Twp. Fire, Liberty Twp. Fire, Monroe Fire, Middletown Fire, Morgan Twp. Fire, Ross Twp. Fire, Toledo Fire, West Chester Fire and Butler County EMA.

On Tuesday, Butler County Emergency Management Team officials received requests through the EMAC system from Florida asking for a Type 3 All Hazards Incident Management Team to support existing personnel.

The requests are coordinated through the Ohio Department of Public Safety, Division of Emergency Management and authorized through the Emergency Management Assistance Compact (EMAC).

EMAC is a state-to-state mutual aid agreement which allows states to request additional disaster response resources and personnel.

Under EMAC agreements, the requesting state reimburses all associated costs incurred by the provider state.

Team officials have been tracking the approaching hurricane and preparing in anticipation of probable EMAC requests.

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