Neighbors speak out about lack of fire extinguishers following apartment fire

Neighbors speak out about lack of fire extinguishers following apartment fire

TOLEDO, OH (WTOL) - Neighbors at the Woodland Apartments, that caught fire last week, are claiming they didn't have working fire extinguishers.

True or not, we don't want this to happen to you, so we spoke with the Toledo Fire Department about what you should if in a similar situation.

Alicia Levesque, is one of the residents who lost everything in the blaze Friday morning at the Woodland Apartments.

As she relives the terrifying moments, she feels there could have been something done to keep her, and her son safe.

"We didn't even have fire extinguishers in the hall, they were busted out and used in other situations," said Levesque.

Levesque said both the first and second floor didn't have working fire extinguishers.

"They've been gone for little over a month and maintenance knew, we informed him and he didn't say or do anything. I'm not saying it could have been put out with a fire extinguisher, but maybe it could have."

The Toledo Fire Department has six inspectors responsible for assessing these structures in our area.

They inspect them regularly, and will visit an apartment or business if there's an issue with safety protocol.

"If some of these items are missing and they're not getting things taken care of through the complex managerial staff, then they can contact our fire prevention bureau at 419-245-1140, and see what we can do to assist them," Sterling Rahe, with TFD said.

TFD has free smoke detectors available for the public, you just need to show proof of residence.

We've reached out to the management at Woodland Apartments, but they are not commenting at this time.

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