Wood Lane finds a way to keep its students safe

Wood Lane finds a way to keep its students safe

BOWLING GREEN, OH (WTOL) - School districts all around Northwest Ohio have been exploring the topic of school safety more and more each school year, and Wood Lane School in Bowling Green is no exception.

Most of their students have a mental or physical disabilities, making it more important for staff members to act quickly.

"Many of our students have physical needs. They utilize wheelchairs or other devices to assist them and lot of times, depending on where they're at, they require direct assistance from the educational assistance and or their teachers," said Brent Bear, Wood Lane Superintendent.

The Wood County Board of Developmental Disabilities is investing $30,000 in shatter proof window film for Wood Lane.

The film would protect glass doors for long periods of time, making it harder for a shooter to get in a classroom.

"It increases the amount of time that you have available to respond to a situation, but it's really looking for anything we can do to increase time, making multiple areas safe throughout the building. So it's not just one safe area that everyone needs to navigate to, it's really, 'Where's the closest safe area form where I am right now?" said Bear.

The school has multiple windows and glass doors. The shatterproof film will make the building more secure and keep intruders from harming students and staff.

School officials said that continuing to explore other security options is important for student safety.

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