Kroger, Instacart partner to offer delivery in NW Ohio

Kroger, Instacart partner to offer delivery in NW Ohio

LUCAS COUNTY (WTOL) - You can now get your groceries delivered straight to your home thanks to a new partnership between Kroger and Instacart.

It's as simple as creating a virtual cart on Kroger's website and placing your order.

"We recently partnered with Instacart and partners can go to," Kroger spokesperson Amy McCormick said. "They simply place an order online and an Instacart personal shopper visits our store, they make the purchase for the customer and they deliver directly to their home."

Any shopper who is willing to wait, the service will seem to be valuable. And according to McCormick, it is an appealing service.

"When we look at the Instacart partnership, we're opening up our Kroger stores to connect with the customer so that personal shopper through Instacart has access to be able to shop our stores, they have the full variety of everything that we have in store and they're able to use their digital coupons," she said. "The only thing they don't do is put it away for you," McCormick said.

You'll need to be home in the time slot they tell you your groceries will be delivered. You are also encouraged to tip your courier even though it isn't required.

Delivery is free the first time you use the service. After that, there's a $11.95 delivery charge and a minimum order amount of $10.

Other grocery stores in the area, including Meijer, offer delivery services as well.

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