Suspect in deadly robbery: “We were broke and needed money”

Suspect in deadly robbery: “We were broke and needed money”
Kory Taylor Kampmeyer, 25, Bassett Aggravated robbery (9/20) (Craighead Co. Sheriff's Office)

(KAIT) - A woman whose boyfriend was shot and killed during Thursday's robbery of a Brookland vape shop told investigators she knew he was going to rob the store, but said they were "broke and needed money."

Kory Taylor Kampmeyer, 25, of Bassett appeared in Craighead County District Court Friday where Judge David Boling found probable cause to charge her with aggravated robbery, a Class Y felony.

According to the court documents, she said her boyfriend, 25-year-old Billy Carl Raines, had been talking about robbing places in Jonesboro because they were broke and needed money.

On Thursday, the couple drove from Bassett to Jonesboro.

"Kory said that she told Billy there was a vape shop she wanted to check out," the affidavit stated. "Billy said that they might as well rob the place and get it over with."

When she pulled into the parking lot at Emerald's Triangle, 11131 Highway 49 North, Kampmeyer told investigators Raines instructed her to park several spaces away from the entrance.

She claimed he told her to go in the store and look around while he stayed in the car.

After looking around the store, Kampmeyer said she went back to the car and told him there was just one guy working inside.

Raines told her to wait at the car, then he went inside the store.

"A few minutes later Billy came running out of the store with something in his hands," the affidavit stated. "She said that's when she realized he was shot."

Raines later died at the scene.

Kampmeyer is being held on a $150,000 cash/surety bond. Her next court date is set for Oct. 26 in the Craighead County Circuit Court.

The employee who shot Raines, will not face any charges.

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