New playground helping kids at Mom's House get jump start on their development

New playground helping kids at Mom's House get jump start on their development

TOLEDO, OH (WTOL) - Some local kids have a new place to play and learn.

Mom's House unveiled a $150 thousand upgrade to their playground on Friday.

"We're making sure we have an extension of the classroom, so we have a safe space for our kids to learn and be creative," said Christina Rodriguez, Executive Director of Mom's House. "The extravagance of it is definitely a reflection of our intense efforts we make everyday to change the lives of our families."

Mom's House is a child care facility that helps low-income, single mothers get back to school so they can provide a better future for their children.

Dayvon Zielinski is one of those young mothers who has been helped by this program.

With the help of Mom's House Dayvon will be graduating from Owens Community College this December.

She says Mom's House has greatly impacted her and her son's life.

"He is doing amazing in school, he is learning, reading, doing math and without the early childhood education here, it wouldn't have been possible for Jobe," said Dayvon.

The new playground was developed to get the kids outside, and exploring different ways of learning and developing sensory exploration, while building mental and physical strength.

"I'm amazed on a daily basis by the generosity of our community, and every day we get to see the people in this community step up to the plate and trust us with their money and make sure we're doing what we're supposed to do and that's hanging the lives of families in any capacity. That means the world to us," said Christina.

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