Sylvania MedTech students becoming CERT certified

Sylvania MedTech students becoming CERT certified

SYLVANIA TOWNSHIP, OH (WTOL) - While most students are sitting behind a desk, others are getting a hands-on experience with local emergency crews.

Sylvania Schools MedTech students are training this week with local Emergency Medical Crews as part of their CERT program, which stands for Community Emergency Response Team.

FEMA began the program in 1993, but after 9/11 there was an increase in popularity.

Years later, and hundreds of local students have gone through these courses to prepare for careers after high school.

"What we're doing is teaching them basic disaster management technique, fire with fire extinguishers, basic search and rescue, and disaster medical operations," Captain Aaron Frye with Sylvania Township Fire Department said.

These students in the MedTech program are interested in careers in the medical field, but they are also learning vital life skills.

Jilia Pierce a Senior at Southview said she wants to become a radiologist, but this program has opened her eyes to other career paths.

"I like the hands-on experience and being, like, at the scene, so I might do something in EMS and be in the ambulances," said Pierce.

Once these students finish the program, they will be CERT certified and could even be utilized in case of a local disaster.

"Really, it's to help them learn these things, and if we need that extra help because if we have a tornado we can call on them. Not just the seniors here, but any students who have gone through the CERT program in the past," said Captain Frye.

This program is offered to Juniors and Seniors at Sylvania Schools.

You can check with your administration if a program like this is offered at your district as well.

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