Local rescue crews team up with high schools for training

Local rescue crews team up with high schools for training

TOLEDO, OH (WTOL) - Our local rescue crews, and hundreds of local high school students got hands on simulated training Monday, which could save their lives.

Police officers and fire crews teamed up with Toledo Public Schools to get better prepared for an active threat.

It was an intense environment, but very controlled to see the officers taking charge. Nearly 400 students and staff at the Toledo Early College went through a life-like scenario.

"We exercise active-shooter situations pretty regularly here at the university and now we'll be part of the rescue task force training, there's no reason not to add that component to your exercise, because again it's going to be a real component in a real world situation," Chief Jeff Newton, with the University of Toledo Police said.

And the training was as close to a real world situation as they can get.

It started with a mock active shooter walking through the halls, of Toledo Early College, leaving injured students behind.

"The intention was to make sure this replicated a real incident as best as we could. As you saw there were students who have been triaged, we have students playing to be dead, there are students who have been shot and students with minor injuries plus of course the full evacuation to the non-academic center," said Karen Berman, Toledo Early College Principal.

Not only was this hour long training beneficial to the students, but also the emergency crews with Toledo Fire, police and officers on University of Toledo's campus.

"The more we train, the more lives we save can save if something like this does happen,"  Bryce Blair, Toledo Fire Battalion Chief said.

"Our teachers were well prepared for addressing students concerns, just the adrenaline flowing, so I think this process would help them work through a real event," said Berman.

The University of Toledo's police department tells me they want all their officers trained in this technique by the end of the year.

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