Sauder Village unveils its new 1920s Main Street

Sauder Village unveils its new 1920s Main Street

ARCHBOLD, OH (WTOL) - Sauder Village in Archbold is Ohio's largest living history destination.

A new addition was unveiled on Saturday, a 1920s Main Street community.

They like to say here that it's sometimes the simple things in life that are memorable.

A visit is a walk through time from 1803-1928.

It's a history lesson you can take at your own pace.

"We are who we are because of the people who made a life here in the wilderness, Black Swamp. As the trains came around farming became more of a common business," said Debbie Sauder David of Sauder Village.

The Main Street Plaza features a beautiful clock and a classic community bandstand.

The original Elmira, Ohio Depot has been renovated and relocated, ready to serve as a stop on the nearby Erie Express Train.

It showcases the important role the rail system played in Ohio beginning in the 1850s.

"I think it was the centerpiece for a town. It was a special building. It was a place where views could be exchanged," said Gary Frisen, who works at the depot.

Next door to the depot is a replica of the Okuley Barber shop in Continental, Ohio.

Everything inside, including the barber chairs, comes from the original shop.

It was a place to grab a cigar and a bath after a smoky, sooty train ride into town.

"If there was a salesman looking for a place to clean up they came to the barber shop for a bath, haircut, shave and shampoo," said Ron Hausch, a real life barber working in West Unity.

Like any Main Street, growth is expected.

Sauder Village hopes to expand it in the coming years.

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