Getting Real about Teal, a football game for a cause

Getting Real about Teal, a football game for a cause

GENOA, OH (WTOL) - Every year close to 22,000 women are diagnosed with ovarian cancer and about 14,000 of them will die.

Ovarian cancer can be known as a silent killer as symptoms can go undetected, but one group is making sure it's not silent anymore.

It's another night full of football, but Friday was more than Genoa's homecoming game, more than a game against their rival Lake, it was also to support ovarian cancer.

"It's cool that like even though we are rivals we can come together," said Abby Loving, a Lake student.

It means more to Kathy Mannon, president of the Ovarian Cancer Connection. She lost her grandmother and mom to the disease.

"Yesterday was the five-year anniversary of my mom's passing and I miss her more than anything in the world," said Kathy Mannon. "The things that she wanted us to do was tell people about it, so I promised her. I promised the woman who had such influence on my life and so I am telling people."

While both her mom and grandma were diagnosed later in life, Kathy wants others to be aware of the signs and symptoms early.

"Mom and grandma both battled hard," explained Mannon. "But if we would have known the symptoms earlier we might have had a different outcome so that's what I really try to do, is bring the awareness."

Fans at the Genoa versus Lake game heard that message.

"We can bring awareness and hopefully one day a cure," said Genoa staff over the announcements. "Let's keep fighting cancer together!"

Ovarian Cancer Connection volunteers handed out symptom cards using the acronym BEAT for fans to remember. They want people to be aware of bloating, eating less and feeling fuller, abdominal or back pain, and toilet changes.

Ribbons flew across the stadium at the game while fans wore them for support.

"We're just like spreading it so people know about it," said Jillian Gladiux, an eighth grader at Lake.

September is Ovarian Cancer awareness month. They will host their 14th Annual Ellen Jackson Ovarian Cancer Walk tomorrow September 15th at Eleanor Dana Cancer Center on the University of Toledo Health Campus (UTMC).

If you want to learn more about Ovarian Cancer, the Ovarian Cancer Connection or the events they have planned, you can do so here.

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