Construction means big changes to I-75 southbound in north Toledo

Construction means big changes to I-75 southbound in north Toledo

TOLEDO, OH (WTOL) - As of Friday, the traffic pattern has been changed over four miles through north Toledo on southbound I-75 from Lagrange Street to Detroit Avenue.

The most significant difference moves the southbound I-75 exit to I-475 to its new location a half a mile sooner than the current exit.

But the exit's change in location is only temporary.

Over the next couple of months that exit is set to shift again.

"They can't build while traffic is in that one spot, so we have to move traffic around left or right to be able to construct the roadway so we don't have to shut everything down," said Matt Harvey, Transportation Manager, ODOT Northwood Outpost.

ODOT advises that drivers plan ahead. Make sure to be in the right lane when crossing the I-75 bridge over Berdan Avenue if you're planning to get on 475. Also, drive attentively so you don't miss the new exit location.

If you do happen to pass the 475 exit, keep going. You can easily use the next ramp at Detroit Avenue to re-enter northbound 75 to 475 taking you back to Exit 204.

"Obviously with traffic pattern changes, people get confused, so traffic could be slower. There should be some temporary delays while people get used to the traffic pattern delays, so really, use caution, slow down, keep your eyes open, put your phones away," said Harvey.

The southbound 75 exit to 475 will remain one lane until project completion when it will open to two lanes.

Weather pending, that deadline is set for Thanksgiving.

Workers plan to be out on this project every day until then.

If you see them, move over if you can, or slow down to allow them, and you, plenty of room.

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