AAA travel office offers tips during hurricane season

AAA travel office offers tips during hurricane season
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TOLEDO, OH (WTOL) - As Tropical Storm Florence continues to bear down on the east coast, some travelers have had to change or completely cancel their plans.

We wanted to find out more about this, so we spoke to the local AAA travel office.

"We have seen a few modifications with some cruises that have been going out of those coastal areas and people re-booking for other dates," said Cindy Russeau, the local AAA retail office manager.

AAA told WTOL 11 there have been a handful of changes to travel plans. It's nothing new this time of year. Hurricane season brings its challenges, so if you plan on vacationing in a danger zone, you should be flexible.

"The airlines and airports might be behind a couple days so people might have to spend a little extra time if their flights have been cancelled or delayed," Russeau said. "So you'll always want to be prepared for that extra emergency hotel that you might have to do or pet care or child care back home that you're maybe not gonna be home right away for."

And for those of you worried about your wallets, AAA said travel companies can often be understanding of weather impacting your plans, but you should know their policies before you book.

"Usually the tour companies, cruise lines, all of that take into account on a case-by-case situation," Russeau said. "So you want to check with the hotel or the tour company as to what the penalties might be."

Here are three tips from AAA to consider when traveling during hurricane season, which lasts roughly from June to November each year:

  1. Purchase travel insurance in case you do need to change your dates or cancel a reservation altogether. This will save you money in a worst-case-scenario.
  2. You should also keep up to date with the status of your flights if you plan on flying to your destination.
  3. You can also keep in touch with your travel agent or company. They will usually be able to help in case you need to change your plans.

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