Hurricane Florence dogs, cats sent to TAHS

Hurricane Florence dogs, cats sent to TAHS

MAUMEE, OH (WTOL) - They're four legged evacuees from Hurricane Florence.

Nearly forty dogs and cats have arrived from a Myrtle Beach, South Carolina shelter to the Toledo Area Humane Society in Maumee.

But there's no room there for additional animals, so the agency is looking for foster families to take them in for two to four weeks.

It could be a cat or dog already at the society or one brought in from the hurricane zone.

The dogs and cats will never return from where they came. They'll eventually be adopted on a permanent basis and will call Northwest Ohio home. 

"We do this with such regularity we have the system down pat and it's business as usual" says Stephen Heaven from the Society.

The animals were brought in as part of the ASPCA Relocation Initiative.

There's no way of telling how many will be rescued from the devastating hurricane but drivers expect to be busy.

"After this load we're headed towards the coast to help our with some hurricane relief. We are staging there right now to learn where we need to go further," says Debbie Goodlaker of ASPCA.

By accepting the animals the Humane Society is helping shelters in the direct path of Florence.

"That leaves those shelters virtually empty so they can take in animals that are displaced from the storm," adds Mr. Heaven.

The Society is also asking for donations of new or used collapsible crates to accommodate the new arrivals.

To become a foster family, just contact the society.

If you take in one of the refugees the agency will provide all the necessary food, medical care and supplies you need.

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