Hurricane evacuees find safety in Northwest Ohio

Hurricane evacuees find safety in Northwest Ohio

DEFIANCE, OH (WTOL) - Since 2012, Kayla Kuhlman and her family have lived in Havelock North Carolina. That's about 25-minutes from the coast. They evacuated on Tuesday to stay with relatives in Defiance once they heard the storm was headed right toward them.

"It's normally a 12 hour drive, give or take. It took us 15 and a half there was heavy traffic, road construction. So definitely a lot longer than we expected," said Kuhlman.

Kayla and her family live on a marine base. Some of her neighbors are required to stay on site for emergencies.

"I'm just praying that anyone that did have to stay back that they stay safe and their homes aren't destroyed because there's just so many people! Especially on base" said Kuhlman.

And although many of her neighbors have no choice but to stay put, she urges anyone who can, to get out.

"The fact that the storm is supposed to slow down and stop right over our area, and it's supposed to be catastrophic winds and flooding, people just really need to get out of there if they can" said Kuhlman.

Many finding solace in their homes away from home.

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