High school athlete battling thyroid cancer ready to get back on the field

High school athlete battling thyroid cancer ready to get back on the field - 2

When we think of high school athletes, we think strong and full of energy, playing the sport they love.

But for one local soccer player, life handed her a little bump in the road.

To see Tori Romstadt play soccer, you would never know she's any different from her teammates.

But she's facing a far bigger battle. 
"She came down stairs and said mom look at this lump on my neck. You couldn't see it until she tilted her head back and then you could see half an egg sticking out the side of her throat," said Amy Romstadt.

On July 13, Tori was diagnosed with thyroid cancer.
"I just never thought I would be the one to go through this and have anything wrong with me. Once you put a label on something, especially cancer, it shakes you up a bit," Tori said.
This would be a tough realization for anyone, let alone a 15 year old.

Tori would have surgery on August 3 up at Motts Children's hospital with mom and dad right by her side.
"Every day I was just like I don't want to be here. I want to leave. But at night I would have my mom or dad hold my hand. It would just take my stress away," Tori said.
"The only people that can comfort her are mom and dad. So although we couldn't hold her because she had to be in the hospital bed, the next best thing was to sack up next to her, hold her hand, and keep her comfortable," said her father, Tim Romstadt.
After surgery, Tori was determined to rejoin her team as soon as possible.

Just five days later she was dawning her jersey at team picture day.

Head Coach Monte Badeen was ready for her. 
"Knowing her I wasn't surprised one bit. I had her jersey with me at picture day knowing that she was going to be there. Nothing was going to stop her," Bandeen said.
Her positivity and determination weren't the only things that helped her get through this journey; Her friends and family helped as well.
She was ready to return to normal teenager things.
"I just want to be able to see my dogs and interact with my family without being attached to any wires," Tori said.
Tori is set to have radioactive iodine treatment next week.

She will then be in remission and back to full energy on the soccer field.

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