Toledo Express Airport transports passengers fleeing Hurricane Florence

Toledo Express Airport transports passengers fleeing Hurricane Florence

TOLEDO, OH (WTOL) - Millions of people are evacuating along the east coast because of Hurricane Florence. Some of them coming here to Toledo for safety.

Passengers from Charlotte flew into Toledo express airport, many of whom are trying to escape the severe weather.

The storm is expected to hit the Carolina coast as early as Thursday.

Sally Geyer is from Columbia, South Carolina. She had plans to come to the Toledo area later this week, but moved up her flight to escape the storm.

"They're scared, they're all scared because it sounds terrible. All the stores are out of water, bread and canned food. they're all sold out," said Geyer.

But not all passengers were as concerned as Sally. Michael Miller from Hilton Head said evacuations in his area have been cancelled on and off.

"I've sat through several of these so far. And you watch the news and you figure out where the cone is going to go. And a lot of this stuff is a lot of overreaction and causes a lot of anxiety. But if you've lived there as long as I have you just take it in strides," said Miller.

Right now, all flights to and from Charlotte are on time at Toledo Express.

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