Sylvania firefighters to receive $1M grant from Homeland Security

SYLVANIA, OH (WTOL) - Taxpayer money won't be used to buy Sylvania firefighters new equipment.

Instead, the department will get a nearly $1 million FEMA grant from Homeland Security.

The money will be used to buy new breathing devices and upgrade portable radios.

The grant will also save the department from having to tap into the budget to replace the old equipment.

The department kicked off a Task Force training session on Wednesday.

"We'll be working with the city of Sylvania Police Department, Sylvania Police Department and obviously Sylvania Fire EMS. The intent of the training is to go out and work together to work through active shooter incidents which enables us to go in and render any treatments to our patients much more quickly than we have in the past," said Sylvania's Fire Captain Aaron Frye.

The training will be happening near Flower Hospital through Friday evening.

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