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City council considers dividing $750K to different organizations to improve neighborhoods

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Toledo City Council members are considering giving a chunk of money to each district in hopes of improving quality of life. 

Council is considering awarding $750,000 to different organizations to improve our neighborhoods. 

The hope is neighbors will take ownership in making Toledo a better place to live

This money will be broken up to $125,000 per district. 

Councilman Tom Waniewski introduced this legislation. He said he knows it's not a lot of money, but the goal is to get other grant money to match it. 

These projects have to in somehow improve way of life and last more than five years.

Thanks to a district improvement program committee will be made up of three members and they will help decide who gets this money.

Waniewski said he hopes all kinds of ideas come out of this and the money goes a long way.

"We we really want the neighborhoods to blossom a little bit and neighborhood organizations as well as district council members can provide that intimate information about what is needed what is necessary what could could spruce up a neighborhood and that is really the intent," he said.

they are still working out A timeline for when the money would be awarded, is still being worked out added Waniewski.  

It is expected they will vote on this in two weeks.  

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