Prosecutors plan to submit new evidence in Toledo pastor sex-trafficking case

Prosecutors plan to submit new evidence in Toledo pastor sex-trafficking case

TOLEDO, OH (WTOL) - Federal prosecutors plan to submit additional evidence at trial of acts by two Toledo pastors, Anthony Haynes and Cordell Jenkins.

They face charges in a child sex-trafficking conspiracy.

In a court filing on Tuesday, prosecutors announced new evidence relating to sexual encounters between Anthony Haynes and another female.

The document states these encounters happened in front of and with a juvenile victim as well.

The filing also alleges that Cordell Jenkins searched online for prostitutes during the time frame of his indictment.

This new information comes after last week's pre-trial hearing where a judge decided that former Lucas County Administrator Laura Lloyd Jenkins would not have a separate trial from her co-defendants Anthony Haynes and Cordell Jenkins—her husband.

Lloyd-Jenkins is charged with obstructing a sex-trafficking investigation and making a false statement to federal investigators.

Also in that hearing, US attorneys discussed how to appropriately present evidence at trial. Much of that evidence would be considered pornographic in nature.

Prosecutors said that they plan to angle evidence for only the judge and jury side of the courtroom to see.

Judge Jack Zouhary has given Anthony Haynes until Friday to decide on a proposed plea deal.

Both Laura Lloyd-Jenkins and her husband Cordell Jenkins have opted to go to trial instead of taking any plea agreements.

If Haynes opts not to accept any plea offers, all three co-defendants will go to trial October 29.

A third pastor, Kenneth Butler, previously pleaded guilty to conspiracy to sex traffic children, obstruction of a sex-trafficking investigation, and two counts of sex trafficking of children.

He will face sentencing November 20.

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