Penta Career students remember the fallen on 9/11

Penta Career students remember the fallen on 9/11

WOOD COUNTY, OH (WTOL) - Tuesday was the 17th anniversary of 9/11.

Many of us remembered exactly where we were on that day, however most of our children today were not even born yet.But that didn't stop students at PENTA Career Center from honoring the fallen.

"Every year I watch the news stuff and the documentaries and it hurts my heart," said Criminal Justice student Dalton Teaford.

Running into a burning skyscraper is an unimaginable experience first responders pray they never have to do.

"I could never imagine something like that, something that horrific. You see the movies and the videos online and it just makes your stomach turn," said Caroline Hind, a firefighting student at PENTA.

Yet still, many of those who have chosen to become first responders say it is their duty

"I will say it's a bit nerve-racking but knowing that I will help tons and tons of people really makes me feel good about myself. And I'm glad that we have ceremonies like this to remember it because those people deserve to be remembered," said another student.

Patriot Day at PENTA Career Center is a day of remembrance completely organized by students. They recognize local first responders and take the time to remember those who died in the line of duty. School leaders say students never hesitate to get involved.

"The education piece they get out of this but just for them to remember those individuals that have sacrificed and gone before them in a public safety arena, that's what they do," said Ron Matter, Superintendent of PENTA Career Center.

Even though the students don't personally remember what happened on September 11th, it's still a day they will never forget.

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