NAMI of Wood County is fighting the mental health stigma

NAMI of Wood County is fighting the mental health stigma

WOOD COUNTY, OH (WTOL) - NAMI of Wood County is fighting the stigma of mental health.

Tuesday was the start of their annual eight-week peer-to-peer program. It's designed to help those with a mental illness relate to one another.

"You're not only going to be in a classroom with peers but the facilitators are peers as well! People living in recovery with their own mental health concerns and issues," said Terra Davenport, Director of Programs at NAMI of Wood County.

The peer-to-peer sessions are completely free for Wood County residents.

Those seeking mental health treatment can come on Tuesdays for two hour sessions.

The meetings will discuss coping skills and treatments for dealing with things like depression, anxiety and bipolar disorders.

Program directors feel normalizing these types of illnesses begins with relating to others who have them.

"I think the biggest thing peer-to-peer brings is that feeling of not being alone, you have that comradery. By talking about the programs we have, offering the programs we have and showing a sense of community and showing individuals you're not alone, you are 1 in 5," said Davenport.

Registration for the free mentorship is required, spaces are limited.

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