TPS addresses school safety during public summits

TPS addresses school safety during public summits

TOLEDO, OH (WTOL) - It's a question school districts are getting more than ever, what are you doing to protect my child while they are at school?

One district is proving how serious they are about student safety and meeting parents in a unique setting.

Toledo Public School leaders said safety is their top priority. They are holding a series of safety summits to explain the measures and protocols they have in place, so parents can feel confident sending their student to school.

"I just want them to be able to come to school, get a good quality education and feel safe," said Clyde Phillips, a concerned community member

Parents aren't asking for much, but in an ever-changing society it's becoming harder and harder for schools.

Toledo Public School leaders say they are constantly looking to address safety and security. To help parents learn more they are holding six safety summits to outline all they do across the district.

"We want parents to have almost a one-on-one interaction and ask questions because they are a bigger advocate in their child's education than a teacher or an administrator," said Patty Mazur, Toledo Public Schools director of communication.

During their first summit they discussed emergency drills, school resource officers, communication, bullying and more.

"It gives me a peace of mind just knowing that you can send your child to a public school knowing that there is some kind of procedure and policy set up, just in case anything like this happened," said Phillips.

They also explained their brand-new student code of conduct.

It was created to keep students in the classroom and focuses on student intervention, rather than solely discipline. The code of conduct now outlines student expectations first and also now has level infractions opposed to automatic penalties.

School leaders say this will give them more flexibility in setting a course of action for students and appropriate responses to certain behavior.

"It's a whole revamp of our plan that had been in effect for years," said Mazur. "So it was time and I think it's a fresher approach and really keeps the whole child in mind."

While TPS leaders are doing everything they can to keep students safe they say they also need help.

"Parent involvement is very important and without the parents it's kind of impossible for us to do our jobs," said Deondra Banks, a TPS school resource officer. "As far as keeping them safe and away from gang activity and you know things that are just unsafe."

School leaders say their policies and procedures are continuously reviewed and evolving.

TPS does have five other safety summit's planned. The next one is Tuesday, September 11th at Rogers High School. The summits always begin at 5:30 pm and are open to the public.

Additional TPS safety summit options:

  • Wednesday, September 12th-Start High School
  • Monday, September 17th-Woodward High School
  • Wednesday, September 19th-Bowsher High School
  • Thursday, September 20th-Waite High School

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