City crews hit the streets to clean up after heavy rainfall

City crews hit the streets to clean up after heavy rainfall

Point Place, OH - After experiencing a pretty dry end to summer, this weekend's heavy storms left debris scattered throughout our area.

City crews were in Point Place today for hours cleaning up.

Three crews were out and were spread throughout Toledo addressing claims they got in overnight.

As soon as the rain started to die down last night, Toledo City crews hit the streets to assess the damage and get to the bigger problems--even in the dark.

Even late on a Sunday night, they get called into work after storms to see what the damage might be.

Jim Byrne was out on his lawn helping crews get the bulk of the debris.

"Just got back home from checking on my boat, and I decided to get some of this stuff out of the driveway, and they just happened to be driving by," Byrne said.

Fortunately, this time around, the damage wasn't too bad.

The city was only out today to fix new issues, not look into questions residents have about trees in their neighborhoods, which has left some frustrated.

"The city does a really good job, I want to make sure I say that, but, when you have a nuisance like this, I can't even park in front of my own house because I'm afraid it's going to fall," Point Place resident Nicholas Smitley-Meyer said.

Recently, improvements have been made to the Engage Toledo system, so it may be worth touching base with the city again.

For fallen branches, crews go in priority from limbs on houses, to streets being blocked, then on to driveway and sidewalk clean-up.

"There's quite a lot of tree canopy in Toledo and some of it's healthy and some of it's not, so in addition to removing and planting, they also trim back trees, so on a regular basis they're going through neighborhoods, assessing the tree health and trimming up. A lot of the street projects that we have going, they'll be trimming in advance of those so that the equipment used to repair our roads can get in and out safely," Karen Ranney Wolkins, Commissioner of the Division of Parks, Recreation and Forestry for the City of Toledo explained.

The city has asked that you gather precise information including the nearest address and cross streets along with the size(s) of the fallen tree or branches and exactly where it is on the land.

Then, give Engage Toledo a call so that they can file a report to the Forestry Department and get someone out to help you.

This relates to all trees, bushes and the like in the right-of-way on city property, and anything that may be obstructing city property.

To reach Engage Toledo, call 419-936-2020.

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