Black Swamp Arts Festival successful despite rainy weather

Black Swamp Arts Festival successful despite rainy weather

BOWLING GREEN, OH (WTOL) - Odds are, if you had outdoor plans last weekend, the rain cancelled them.

But, how did one of the biggest outdoor arts festivals in our area fare?

The Black Swamp Arts Festival was supposed to run through Sunday in Bowling Green but, knowing of the inclement weather that was predicted to move in Saturday night into Sunday, organizers made a tough decision and cancelled the festival hours for Sunday.

Almost all of the exhibiting artists stored their art pieces in their tents, meaning many could have had damaged or destroyed property when the weather got rough.

However, some events were able to continue. All musical acts were able to perform at indoor venues.

The two days the festival did operate weren't a total wash, as artists told organizers that they still managed to sell a good amount of art.

"They said our sales were close to, as good as, or in some cases better than in a two-day festival. And we know that there is a 'It's Closing Time' phenomenon for our festival goers for when they make their purchases," said Bill Donnelly, chair of the Black Swamp Arts Festival.

Aspects of the Black Swamp Art Festival are still ongoing.

The participating school districts couldn't do their chalk art on the wet sidewalks in downtown Bowling Green, so they've been given the rest of the month to do their chalk murals at their school buildings where they will also be judged.

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