Rossford Schools launches new smartphone app

Rossford Schools launches new smartphone app

ROSSFORD, OH (WTOL) - One local school district is not only preparing for two brand new school buildings, but they're also offering a brand new mobile app for families as well.

When Rossford schools hired a new company, School View, to rebuild the districts website, they learned that for a little bit more money they could also develop a mobile app to go with it.

Last week, the app went live.

Now with only a smartphone, parents can sign up for alerts and notifications from each school, look up staff directories, see school supplies, and even manage school lunch accounts.

It's a big step into the modern era for the districts communications, but it also adds yet another tool for parents to keep tabs on their kids while they're in school.

"Technology is changing every day, and we want to make sure that we're keeping up with it for parents who just want it on the touch of a phone. We were talking in the office that if a parent is sitting there,waiting to pick up this kids from school; he or she can just go through the phone and look at grades, make sure everything is going well. So, just, again, making it easier for families," said Matt Thompson, communications specialist with Rossford Schools.

To download the app, simply search Rossford Schools on the Google Play store or the iPhone App Store.

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