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Local help being sent to aid those in wake of Hurricane Florence

(Source: WTOL) (Source: WTOL)

Local help is headed to those who are expected to be impacted by Hurricane Florence. 

Employees contracted by Verizon are taking generators the company has rented and plans to send them to the Carolinas ahead the category four storm.

The generators will be used to power cell phone towers if the power goes out during the storm. Cell phone users will then be able to still contact emergency personnel and loved ones if there's any damage to phone and power lines.

Justin Frank said his group has been this for seven years across the country.

"A lot of the people that stay in place are your senior citizens, your low-income communities, those kind of things and when they're there they still need help. So we're keeping the towers up, keeping the 911 systems functional. So that way if someone does dial 911, someone does need help, we can get first responders there," Frank said. 

Frank added that his group has helped prepare and provide relief for eight disasters which include Hurricanes Matthew, Irma and Harvey among others.

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