Organization helps prevent drug addicts from becoming suicide victims

Organization helps prevent drug addicts from becoming suicide victims
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TOLEDO, OH (WTOL) - It's a tragedy that's touched many in our community.

How drug addiction can lead to suicide.

Grace Lutheran Church Sunday night hosted an evening of hope and remembrance for those lost by addiction and suicide.

It was sponsored by the group 'Inspired By Grace.'

"Addiction is one of the pathways to suicide. Suicide is just not one thing that leads to suicide. It's a curriculum that's a collection of things. By helping one you help the other," said Rebecca Meiers of 'Inspired By Grace.'

Jan Burgand-Moore is a former addict who once attempted suicide.

Her message: recovery is possible.

That's why she founded 'Inspired By Grace.'

"We just need to have the right people with the right knowledge and right place to reach out and watch out for one another," said Burgand-Moore.

That's what happened at Grace Lutheran.

Twenty three agencies came to promote addiction and suicide services.

Jenn Goddard of the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention says her agency offers programs, resources and a hotline for those in need.

"Mental health is so complicated and a lot of people don't get the help they need and they turn to things like drugs and end up taking their lives if they don't get help for it," said Goddard.

If you're a drug addict or contemplating suicide the 'Inspired By Grace' Facebook page has a list of agencies where you can go for help.

It may save your life.

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