Tropical depression Gordon could impact weekend events

Tropical depression Gordon could impact weekend events

Tropical Storm Gordon could be affecting some of your weekend plans here in Ohio.

Put-In-Bay's Camporee, a weekend camping trip, expecting over 1,200 Boy Scouts internationally, has been cancelled due to Sunday's forecast.

"They said the National Park Service had to pull their permit because of the weather," said Erin Sifuentes, mother of Matteo, a boy scout who was supposed to attend Camporee. "Which we appreciate the fact that they're trying to keep the kids safe, I get it, but it is a bummer."

"It's unfortunate," said Kurtiss Hirt, Committee Chairman for Port Clinton Troop 360. "We have scouts from Michigan, southern Ohio, we've had them from Canada. We've had them from Japan in years past. It's really getting to be quite an event."

Hirt also said they had food prepped and ready to go today for all 1,2000 Boy Scouts, but are now donating it to local food pantries and hospitals.

Where you won't find a shortage of food is the Black Swamp Arts Festival this weekend in Bowling Green. If you're planning to head there Sunday, though, all music will be moved indoors and all art will be cancelled.

"It's the first time in our 26 year history we've ever had to do this," said Jamie Sands, Vice Chairman of the festival.

An event you'll want to come hungry to will be The Greek American Festival downtown. Along with your appetite, though, you'll want to bring your umbrella.

"We'll be open rain, snow or shine," said George Sares, Chairman of the festival.

Sares says they've been preparing for this weather all week. They'll not only have seating available under tents but some indoors, too.

"It might actually make the crowds bigger tonight and tomorrow night," said Sares.

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